About Us

AMFund was developed by the Alabama League of Municipalities to assist Alabama’s cities and towns in funding local projects, equipment purchases and refinancing existing debt. The purpose of AMFund is to provide timely, low-cost, direct bank debt financing to fund almost any size municipal project.

Municipal Leagues in a number of other states, including Kentucky, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee, operate similar programs for their members. As with these programs, AMFund is able to take advantage of the economies of scale, allowing municipalities to:


• Receive competitive, fixed rate debt financing regardless of project size.
• Significantly reduce borrowers’ transaction costs.
• Minimize staff time by using straightforward, direct bank debt loan documentation.


Thornton Farish Inc. serves as AMFund’s financial advisor to assist municipalities in AMFund’s direct bank debt financing process.

Our Amfund Team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have. All inquiries are confidential.


Meet the AMFund Team